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HEALTHY ENOUGH FOODS was founded in 2010 when Smoothie Factory owners Devon and Shannon Jacobs decided to fulfill the requests of their customers for healthier foods that tasted great and didn’t cost a fortune. Shannon had been making high protein, low fat foods for Devon, a workout enthusiast, for years, so the decision to package and sell specific recipes to meet those needs was made, and Healthy Enough Foods was born.

The name HEALTHY ENOUGH FOODS was chosen to appeal to those who want to eat healthier without being aware of eating healthy and sacrificing taste. With a wide variety on the menu and daily specials available in the kitchen, HEALTHY ENOUGH FOODS appeals to every level of food awareness from those just wanting to eat healthier to the extreme health enthusiast who counts every category of nutrition. HEALTHY ENOUGH FOODS can help you lose weight, start (and keep) better eating habits, make foods to your specific guidelines or create recipes to suit your individual dietary needs.

HEALTHY ENOUGH FOODS specializes in corporate catering, family meals and pre-packaged individual meals making it easier for those who are on the go and simply don’t have the time it
takes to shop, prep and cook home cooked meals. All meal recipes are made to be as high protein, low fat as possible without sacrificing taste, however, sweets are full on delicious with
moderation being the key to success in that department!

Whatever your goals, HEALTHY ENOUGH FOODS is here to help!